My name is Becky Kraemer. Cursive Communications & Marketing is my company. I like books. I like making them, reading them, and talking to people about them. I also like music, but mostly I like books.

I have worked in book publishing for more than ten years. I started in the subsidiary rights department at Macmillan where I learned valuable lessons about licensing and the author contract. After a stint in NBC’s interactive department, I worked at Simon & Schuster and Hyperion. Most recently, I was Senior Editor and Rights Director at Melville House Publishing, where I worked on almost every aspect of a book: concept, acquisition, editing, marketing, publicity, foreign & domestic licensing and special sales.  (If you’re keeping track, I didn’t work on design, production or sales).

Now I work directly with authors, publishers, bookstores and book people, spending (almost) all of my time making, reading, and talking to people about books.

Recent Projects


ROOTS, RADICALS AND ROCKERS: How Skiffle Changed the World“It was a real pleasure working with Becky. She handled the US publicity for my book ROOTS, RADICALS, AND ROCKERS, and did a fantastic job. She knew exactly which journalists to approach and landed me several key national interviews, including NPR’s Fresh Air, PBS Newshour, VICE, UPROXX, and more. She also arranged for several talks at bookstores around the country, and secured excellent regional media around those events. She was flexible, reliable, and creative with her ideas for how best to get my book in the hands of the right audience. I felt confident that anything she arranged would be really worth doing. I recommend her highly.”
Billy Bragg, musician and author of Roots, Radicals, and Rockers: How Skiffle Changed the World (Faber & Faber)

“Becky is a dedicated and highly effective advocate for writers. Our book, The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes the World, is an unusual collaboration between a neuroscientist and composer. Becky was able to get us coverage in everything from Wired, Psychology Today and Smithsonian to the Chronicle of Higher Education. She strategically targeted highly trafficked websites and podcasts, and gained diverse and abundant exposure for our book. Throughout the months of working with her, she was always well-organized and responsive, and her advice constructive. We’re immensely thankful to have worked with her and enthusiastically recommend her.”
— Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman, authors of THE RUNAWAY SPECIES (Catapult)

“The publishing market is extremely competitive, with hundreds of titles being published every month. Becky’s planning and contacts helped my book be featured in several media outlets – The New York Times, Bustle, Book Riot and The Huffington Post among them. She knows the market and how to approach journalists. I could not have had better coverage. I was very pleased, and grateful, to have her as my publicist.”
Martha Batalha, author of THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF EURIDICE GUSMAO (Oneworld Publications)

Bloomberg Businessweek“Working with Becky on a months-long project related to journalism awards, I was impressed with her attention to detail, dedication, and enthusiasm. She provided strategic thinking and excellent research, writing, and communication skills even under pressure of deadline. She was outstanding at keeping me up-to-date on the project’s status and went above and beyond to make sure all objectives were met. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.”
— Rachel Nagler, Global Head of Communications, Bloomberg Businessweek, Director of Editorial Communications, Bloomberg.com

The Path“Becky’s advice, contacts, and strategic messaging and outreach provided immediate results in promoting our book, THE PATH. She reached influencers and secured interviews and events for us, handling everything from initial contact to day-of details, with attentiveness and a work ethic that is unparalleled. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and, above all, a great communicator — we would recommend her to anyone looking for a true partner in promoting their work.”
— Christine Gross-Loh and Michael Puett, co-authors of the International and NYT Bestseller The Path (Simon & Schuster)

Oneworld Publications“Becky is an extremely organized and talented colleague. We are a UK publisher and Becky manages all our PR, publicity and marketing in the USA. The coverage we receive is exponential to the size of our list and has greatly increased our sales in the market. She is imaginative with her campaigns, has a great relationship with the media and authors, very detailed in her planning, and a pleasure to work with.”
— Kate Beal, Head of Sales for Oneworld Publications

The Fraud“You won’t regret hiring Becky Kraemer. During twenty years in newspapers, I was frequently on the other side of the phone from publicists. Becky easily ranks among the best I ever encountered. She cared about my book and its success every bit as much as I did. She was my tireless advocate. She got results. Hire her.”
Brad Parks, author of The Fraud (St. Martin’s/Minotaur), the sixth book in the award-winning Carter Ross mystery series

Gold Fever“Becky drummed up more publicity for my book, Gold Fever, than I ever could have imagined. Not only does she take your ideas and make them more marketable, but also she generates a steady flow of ideas of her own that result in stories, features, interviews and items being published in a wide variety of media. Becky got me on NPR’s Weekend Edition, PRI’s The World, in USA TodayNational Geographic Book Talk, and many other outlets. I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing Becky and her peerless skills as a publicist.”
— Steve Boggan, Writer and journalist, author of Gold Fever

Tadpole“It was a joy to work with Becky on promoting my translation of Eugene Vodolazkin’s Laurus: she’s not just highly collaborative and creative, she truly cares about books and is a lot of fun to work with. I’m looking forward to working with her on my upcoming translations!”
— Lisa Hayden, translator of Eugene Vodolazkin’s Laurus

The Power of Others“Becky marketed my recent book The Power of Others in the US, pushing it to magazines, radio stations and other media outlets. She did a fantastic job, getting me commissions in several top-line publications. She’s energetic, super dedicated, always rooting for her clients, always positive, and she’s also very well connected in the media world. I’d recommend her to anyone.”
— Michael Bond, Psychology writer and author of The Power of Others

testimonial-umami“Becky hasn’t only put my novel into many hands – she has put it into the right hands. She makes no blind assumptions, follows no recipes. Instead, she gets to know a book to its core and then orchestrates a myriad of actions to help it get where it needs to go. I’m sure her impressive results come from her many connections and big experience in all things publishing and publicity, but mostly I suspect she’s so good at what she does because she’s first and foremost an extremely thorough and sensitive reader. I know any writer will feel very lucky (and greatly included and well looked after) to get to work with her.”
Laia Jufresa, author of Umami

“Becky is the only publicist I’ve ever worked with who treats a book as a journey … or better said, an adventure. And you’re on it together. I’m not an author, but a translator, and Becky implicitly understands how much of an advocate a translator can be for a book. The more minds who have worked on and love the book the better is her principle. And you won’t get any light or glib puff about the book in question from her. I was bowled over by the sincerity and intelligence of her reading of Umami, and how this clearly played out in the reviews, articles, and positive buzz she helped create. And all perfectly timed, so that there was never a rush or pressure from her side, and the great press all fell around publication week.  It was amazing to watch her in action, and a pleasure to get to know Becky – a brilliant reader, an impressive publicist, and a genuine joy to work with.”
Sophie Hughes, literary translator of Umami


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