My name is Becky Kraemer. Cursive Communications & Marketing is my company. I like books. I like making them, reading them, and talking to people about them. I also like music, but mostly I like books.

I have worked in book publishing for more than ten years. I started in the subsidiary rights department at Macmillan where I learned valuable lessons about licensing and the author contract. After a stint in NBC’s interactive department, I worked at Simon & Schuster and Hyperion. Most recently, I was Senior Editor and Rights Director at Melville House Publishing, where I worked on almost every aspect of a book: concept, acquisition, editing, marketing, publicity, foreign & domestic licensing and special sales.  (If you’re keeping track, I didn’t work on design, production or sales).

Now I work directly with authors, publishers, bookstores and book people, spending (almost) all of my time making, reading, and talking to people about books.