• Brian Eno

Brian Eno

I’m late to Brian Eno. I find I’m late to a lot of things, and that’s not always for the worst, but it especially makes me insane with music. And Monty Python. I think there is a brief window in your life, say, when you are 13 – 15, that if you are not introduced to Monty Python, it will never mean the right things to you. Or perhaps you will just not get it at all. I am that person. The one not getting it. And it makes me sad.

So Brian Eno. And The Replacements. And Jackson Browne. And Belle and Sebastian. And a whole list of bands I feel have passed me by. I think this is some kind of perverse nostalgia for a lifetime, or a kind of life, that I didn’t live or something.

But I’m making amends. Currently in heavy rotation around here are “Here Come the Warm Jets”

and “If You’re Feeling Sinister”

and lots of other music I feel I should know about.

But I know I’m still missing out on more. Feel free to enlighten me.


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